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Ave Maria by William Gomez: A Beautiful and Moving Composition

Ave Maria is a popular and traditional Catholic prayer that honors the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The prayer has been set to music by many composers throughout history, but one of the most beautiful and moving versions is the one by William Gomez, a Spanish composer and pianist who lived in the 20th century.


William Gomez was born in 1939 in Madrid, Spain. He studied piano and composition at the Madrid Royal Conservatory, where he won several prizes and awards. He also studied with the famous composer Joaquin Rodrigo, who encouraged him to pursue his musical career. Gomez composed many works for piano, orchestra, choir, and chamber music, but he is best known for his religious music, especially his Ave Maria.

Gomez's Ave Maria was composed in 1972 for mezzo-soprano solo and piano accompaniment. It is a simple and elegant piece that expresses the devotion and love of the Virgin Mary. The melody is graceful and lyrical, with a gentle and flowing rhythm. The harmony is rich and warm, with some chromaticism and modulation that create contrast and interest. The piano part supports the voice with delicate and expressive chords, creating a harmonious balance between the two instruments.

The lyrics of Gomez's Ave Maria are based on the Latin text of the prayer, which consists of two parts: the first part is taken from the Gospel of Luke, where the angel Gabriel greets Mary and announces that she will be the mother of Jesus; the second part is a supplication to Mary to pray for us sinners. Gomez uses the traditional text, but he also adds some repetitions and variations to emphasize certain words and phrases. For example, he repeats the word "sancta" (holy) three times before each mention of Mary's name, creating a sense of reverence and awe. He also repeats the phrase "ora pro nobis" (pray for us) several times at the end of the piece, creating a sense of urgency and hope.

Gomez's Ave Maria is a masterpiece of religious music that has been performed and recorded by many singers and pianists around the world. It is a perfect piece for weddings, funerals, or any occasion that requires a solemn and beautiful musical expression of faith. If you want to listen to or play this piece, you can find free sheet music on , where you can also download PDF or print on paper. You can also find many videos on YouTube that show different interpretations of this piece by various artists.

Gomez's Ave Maria is a testament to his talent and spirituality as a composer. It is a piece that touches the hearts of those who hear it or sing it, bringing them closer to God and to Mary. It is a piece that deserves to be heard and appreciated by everyone who loves music.


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