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Chariton Bobylev
Chariton Bobylev

HD Online Player (Mouse And Keyboard Recorder )

if you're looking for a way to record and easily edit keystrokes in windows, you may want to try imagic's keylogger. the program records all of the keystrokes that you make, can record data to a file, and it can edit keycodes for you as well. you can also set time intervals for each keystroke and passwords of course, and the program will work in real time mode or in delayed mode. it can also display gui based on keystrokes.

HD Online Player (Mouse And Keyboard Recorder )

while there are many people who enjoy the convenience of recording audio using mac's quicktime, there are times when you want to record other things that quicktime simply doesn't have, like dvd and blu-ray discs. caffeine records is a basic, yet powerful tool to enable you to record dvd and blu-ray discs. the basic operation of the tool is simple. you just need to load your desired dvd, blu-ray or hd-dvd and the tool will automatically launch quicktime player and create the recording. if you are using windows, then you can use the capture menu in quicktime player and select 'create a screen recording' option.

if you want to record your own voice to social network websites, then voice social recorder is your best bet. this application can record your spoken text and save it as ogg vorbis files, wav files, mp3 or m4a files. all of these file types can be played back through most media players and streaming applications.

if you want to watch your favorite shows in high quality on your smartphone or tablet, then vlc remote is a great tool to use. the tool enables you to control vlc media player on your device from any other computer that you want. you can change the playback speed, skip through your favorite scenes, and even choose if you want to record it for future viewing on your smart device. and when you're done recording, just press 'add to playlist' and enjoy a high definition media experience on the go.


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