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Omnisphere 2 Mega Link

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Omnisphere 2 Mega Link

With the recent buzz about the capabilities of impressive new iOS releases (e.g., iWavestation, ARP ODYSSEi, Poison), any thoughts on when/where one might find equivalent possibilities in the iOS arena to the recent VPS Avenger VST release (see demo link below)? ...or Omnisphere 2, NI Komplete, or SynthMaster for that matter? I seem to recall when Synthmaster Player was coming out that there was some discussion of a full featured version for iOS. Methinks to get this level of depth and tweakability in iOS one would need to construct a pretty sophisticated multi-app setup (in AudioBus, AUM, or DAW) from across the palette of iOS apps. A combo of apps (Korg M1, Gadget, iProphet, Nave, Audulus, Model 15, and others plus FX) could provide loads of variety, but it would seem that the rich sound content and control options found in some of these megas would be difficult to match. Just curious others' two cents (pros, cons, wishlists, products in development) regarding how to emulate these beasty synths in iOS.

The ios megasynths all suffer from the same UI problems, because it is a small screen. You either have teensy controls, or many pages of synth, and you are flipping back and forth between pages all the time. The drawback of many pages, is that you have to remember what the other hidden pages settings are. In general, the better designs require less knowledge to be kept in the user's head. The information they need is in front of them. Cassini, Tera Synth, magellan. Pages and pages of synthesis, but is so much flipping back and forth.

@nrgb said:I've never understood the attraction to 'mega-synths'. I'm pretty sure classic hardware synths like the Mini Moog or Juno are revered as much for their simplicity as they are their sound.


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