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Chariton Bobylev
Chariton Bobylev

Download Nina Ringtone From Offspring

Dating the enemy is one of my favourite movies and an Aussie movie. I'm with you I love Aussie TV shows and movies. I can't believe I forgot offspring was on tonight (all that advertising didn't do t's job, lol) looks like I will be downloading it from itunes

Download Nina Ringtone From Offspring

The teaser ads are now saying it starts on Monday. Chris Havel appears in the ad where nina is dreaming of Luv (the TV doctor chap from the 7pm Project is bloody funny!) but the gist of the ads is that he's not there.

My money is on billie. I reckon nina finds her comatose from a drug or alcohol binge after all this drama. Which will cause a geraldine issue about her own use and what nina said in her counselling session. Plus kat stewart has her own successful show now so is probably leaving to concentrate on that, and mick could become a lesser character or clear off altogether as Eddie is busy with his musical.


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