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Lucas Howard


the mechanics are the same as before, but you may now select the size of the team. your team will be able to spawn, move and attack the enemies while you will be able to use the smokes and use the.357. there will be fewer barriers blocking you and the enemy, which should add some more teamwork to the play, thus the greater success of the player.


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all added squaddies will have the same class and default weapon. however, they may choose the armor, class and weapons from the armory. the mod also includes new general variants such as the "volunteer", the "smart-ass" and "old man".

although the female kiss players still wear their original autobot colors, they still fuse with the autobots' raptor forms. like their male counterparts, the girls may still transform into combat mode if they have their hair tied up in a ponytail, or they may choose to sport the more revealing costume of their female leads. both autobot and decepticon versions of the kiss players are both available, and the autobot ones are the only kiss players figures to feature a solid blue robot body, while the decepticons have the dark red body color of their non-prefixed forms. the autobot kiss players come in four different varieties, known as "black", "red", "blue", and "white". by contrast, the decepticon kiss players come in three different varieties, known as the "dark red", "dark blue", and "dark black" forms.

each girl wields her pet tenshinhan, which is usually stored in her mouth. to fire them, she uses it in one of several ways: she can either bite, lift it up to the air, or throw it at her foe. because the kiss players share the same body as the t-series toys, they come with their own rifle, melee attack, missile launcher, and a sword. the rifle has two possible modes; one is simply a pistol, while the other, known as the blade stun mode, fires a powerful shockwave energy beam. the melee weapon uses the kiss player's mouth as its firing mechanism. when the kiss player bites her target, the mouth will shut, and she can open it again to fire again. the kiss players are shipped with two red missile launchers: one holds a single small missile, while the other holds a single large missile. finally, the sword that they come with has both its grips resting on the kiss players' shoulders. it also looks rather like a katana.


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