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Solucionario Optaciano Vasquez Garcia

Solucionario Optaciano Vasquez Garcia

Solucionario Optaciano Vasquez Garcia is a collection of solutions for physics problems written by Optaciano Vasquez Garcia, a professor of physics at the National University of Ancash in Peru. The collection covers topics such as kinematics, dynamics, statics, fluids, electricity, magnetism, and optics. The solutions are based on the book Fisica General by Santiago Burbano de Ercilla and Enrique Burbano Garcia.

solucionario optaciano vasquez garcia

The collection is available as a digital asset on the OpenSea platform, where users can buy, sell, and trade it using Ethereum cryptocurrency. The collection was created in March 2023 and has zero owners and zero volume as of September 2023. The collection has no creator earnings and no floor price.

The collection is also available as a PDF file on the VSIP.INFO website, where users can download it for free. The PDF file contains 273 pages and was uploaded in November 2012. The file has 175 views and 6 downloads as of September 2023.

Additionally, users can listen to the collection as an audio stream on the Zeno.FM website, where users can enjoy the best General radio. The stream is live and has no episodes or announcements as of September 2023.

Solucionario Optaciano Vasquez Garcia is a useful resource for students and teachers of physics who want to practice and learn from the solutions of physics problems. The collection is also a novel example of how digital assets can be created and distributed using blockchain technology.


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